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  • Hello,

    I trying more then 4 hours for uploading a new verion (0.2) of my first plugin version.
    I read seeral times this page:
    But can’t understand how build the dir-tree and have a lot of error’s when trying uploading to the repo:

    $ svn co /mnt/c/Users/Christophe/Desktop/REPOS/alerter
    A admin
    A assets
    A branches
    A css
    A js
    A languages
    A tags
    A trunk
    A trunk/assets
    A trunk/css
    A trunk/inc
    A trunk/js
    A trunk/languages
    A trunk/languages/
    A trunk/languages/alerter.pot
    A trunk/languages/en_GB.po
    A trunk/alerter.php
    A Readme.txt
    A admin/.qicon
    A admin/settings.php
    A assets/.qicon
    A alerter.php
    A assets/screenshot-1.png
    A assets/screenshot-2.png
    A css/.qicon
    A css/settings.css
    A js/.qicon
    A js/color-script.js
    A languages/.qicon
    A languages/
    A languages/alerter-nl_NL.po
    A languages/alerter.pot
    A languages/
    A languages/en_GB.po
    A trunk/assets/.qicon
    A trunk/assets/screenshot-1.png
    A trunk/assets/screenshot-2.png
    A trunk/css/.qicon
    A trunk/css/alerter-admin.css
    A trunk/inc/.qicon
    A trunk/inc/admin-form.php
    A trunk/js/.qicon
    A trunk/js/color-script.js
    A trunk/languages/.qicon
    A trunk/languages/alerter-nl_NL.po
    A trunk/languages/
    A trunk/Readme.txt
    A trunk/uninstall.php
    A uninstall.php
    Checked out revision 1711807.
    /mnt/c/Users/Christophe/Desktop/REPOS/alerter$ svn cp trunk tags/0.2
    svn: E155010: Path ‘/mnt/c/Users/Christophe/Desktop/REPOS/alerter/tags/0.2’ is not a directory

    Edit the Readme.txt file (Stable tag: 0.2)
    Also change the version to 0.2 in alerter.php
    Where placing the updated files? in tags/0.2 ?
    When trying follow the tutorial, it shows: ‘is not a directory’

    What do i wrong?
    IS there a good ‘real-world’ tutorial so i can see the dir-structure and how follow the svn commands?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Moderator Marius L. J.


    Hi there,

    You’ll want to clean up your SVN directory a bit I think (you can see it at, the root directory should only contain 4 directories: assets, branches, tags and trunk.

    You then want to make 0.2 as a directory under tags (so your files live in /tags/0.2/). After the files are put in there, update the readme.txt file in the trunk directory to have a Stable tag: 0.2. It’s important that the tag directory exists first, if it doesn’t we will automatically use the version in trunk, which you probably don’t want.

    If you want an example of a live plugin with everything set up properly, you can have a look at one of my plugins,, you’ll see the trunk version points to the appropriate tag under tags

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    You seem to be making this more complex than it actually is. Stop, pause, breathe, and then email us at plugins at about it. We can fix anything, and give you helpful advice to boot. Just be patient. 😀

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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