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  • I have a bunch of blogs that are on the 2.3.3 branch using Subversion. I can’t update these blogs because ‘svn update’ gives an error like this:

    svn: Can't copy 'wp-includes/js/jquery/.svn/text-base/jquery.js.svn-base' to 'wp-includes/js/jquery/.svn/tmp/jquery.js.tmp.tmp': No such file or directory

    When I do ‘svn status’ I see that, indeed, there is a file missing (and this is on ALL of the installations, so it is a repository issue):

    ~/www/blog2]$ svn status
    ?      wp-config.php
    ?      .htaccess
    !      wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js
    ?      wp-content/uploads

    I can’t seem to fix this issue and it also breaks my attempts to switch to the 2.5 tag! Help?

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