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    I wanted to use your plugin, but I’ve got a jQuery error. In the functions.php file the loader_script() function has a bad line. Instead of d(window).load(function() {...}) I wrote d(window).on ("load", function() {...}) and it worked like a charm. You can also read the documentation of this function here: jQuery Load Event. It’s got deprecated.

    Secondly, I wanted to use .svg file as preloader image. I downloaded WP SVG images plugin, so I can able to upload .svg files, but your plugin not wanted to accept it. But after a little modification in customizer.php, it worked. In the loader_sanitize_image_upload() function, I added a new type of MIME after png:

    $formats = array(
                    'jpg|jpeg|jpe' => 'image/jpeg',
                    'gif'          => 'image/gif',
                    'png'          => 'image/png',
    		'svg'	       => 'image/svg+xml'

    After this, everything was fine for me! If you think this modifications are valid, apply them.

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