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  • Sorry if this is already posted. I searched a lot but couldn’t find anything similar.

    I basically want to upload SVG comics for my webcomic (link) instead of png/jpg files. Right now its not allowing and saying file is invalid/ doesnt pass security restriction. This is maybe because of security check regarding scripting, however in my case I am the only one uploading files, so I am sure to post safe content.

    I want a wordpress plugin to do the following:
    1) Allow uploading of svg files as comics. In fact my all webcomic images will be svg. ( I dont need inline embedding of svg as html in the post html)
    2) Plugin will provide automatic buttons for each published comic for zoom and pan (Of course all this will only in browser supporting svg)
    3) Plugin will also extract text or dialogue out of uploaded comic and add it as html comment / invsible div in html/ tags (so that the text/dialogue is autoindexed)

    Is it possible to create such a plugin? If yes I would like to start spending my time developing such plugin.

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