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  • Can I get a moderator to take a look at the Search Unleashed plug-in? I installed this today and immediately started to experience authentication issues. I was getting booted out of the admin screens at unpredictable intervals. They began when I went to configure the plug-in.

    The problem got so severe that I actually started testing various potential behavior – everything from sitting idle to a timed frequency – there was no discernible pattern and I continued to get logged out automatically.

    There are three administrator accounts on my installation. This issue was only affecting my account.

    I deactivated the plug-in early on in the day but the problem continued. I had to believe it wasn’t the plug-in after that, but when I finally deleted the files of my web server, only THEN did the problem stop.

    I hate to imply there’s something inappropriate going on here, but I’m not skilled enough with PHP to be able to read the code and determine that for sure. I only know the facts relative to my experience. Therefore I’m hoping one of the moderators can take a look at this and make sure there’s nothing fishy going on here.

    I have not found any exploits in my installation. No RFI evidence. No evidence in the logs either, for what it’s worth.

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