Suspicious flash installer on my WP - anybody seen this? A malware? (1 post)

  1. popokolok
    Posted 6 years ago #


    Today I have encountered a hack/malware-like thing on my website - transcosmic.com - this flash window just pops up on every page after (but not always) a what seems to be legit IE error notification - "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site... Operation aborted."

    The flash window looks like this:


    It appears and immediately opens a download window, downloading a file named install-flash-player.exe from a website called install-adobe-flash.com, it happens in IE and Safari, but never in FF - it's really weird, I don't think it's a hack since my wp-admin is fine without this download appearing and without any hacking evidence there.

    Any suggestions? Anybody seen this before? I tried googling these file and domain, but almost nothing came up...

    Thank you in advance for any info!

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