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    I installed https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-cerber/ and after running its site integrity check, it says that 3 files are suspicious:

    • /coming-soon/lib/TGMPA.php
    • /coming-soon/framework/field-types/customsocialfollow.php
    • /coming-soon/lib/setup_tgmpa.php

    Here is the message from WP Cerber:

    The scanner recognizes this file as “ownerless” or “not bundled” because it does not belong to any known part of the website and should not be here.

    It may remain after upgrading to a newer version of Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields. It also may be a piece of obfuscated malware. In a rare case it might be a part of a custom-made (bespoke) plugin or theme.

    Are these files obsolete from older versions of your plugin or are they official files?

    If they are official, why aren’t being recognized as official?

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  • Plugin Author SeedProd


    Yes, these are official files. TGMPA is a framework not being currently used but we may again soon. and it has been used in the past.

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