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  1. garretth
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm looking to build an online waiver, so that before people can come and play the sport I'm organizing, they can enter their email, first name, last name, etc.

    Due to my host, I cannot have wordpress send emails, so I want it to write the contents of the form to the database. Ideally I would love to be able to designate what table it's written to, but if the plugin creates it's own table, that would be fine.

    Another application of this is to have a form where referee's can login to see, and they can enter in the score's of the matches they ref. This would allow me to build a "team standings" page off of the data they enter.

    There are TONS of contact form plugins out there, which are similar to what I need (some of them even have functionality to write to database). Unfortunately whenever someone hits the submit button, they get an error saying the email cannot be sent. I don't want to send an email.

    Basically I just need a plugin where I can make a form, customize it from within wordpress, and export it if needed. Maintenance of the data from within wordpress would be awesome as well.

    I can't seem to locate anything like this, maybe it already exists.


  2. jrf
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Have a look at Fast Secure Contact Form combined with the Contact Form to DB plugin.

    FSCF can pass info to a second form without sending email, so you could probably make that work to your advantage.

    CF2DB will let you view the saved data in WP as well.

  3. garretth
    Posted 5 years ago #

    It works! The best thing about this plugin is that it gives you the option to turn off emailing once you've enabled saving to the database. Thank you jrf!

  4. jrf
    Posted 5 years ago #

    You're very welcome ;-)

    So you see, you're not the first to think of it ;-)

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