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  • I have PodPress which I am having issues with so I want to revert back to PowerPress – a plugin we installed earlier but did not use. PowerPress is currently disabled due to PodPress being there. Is there anyway to reverse this so my PowerPress takes over?

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  • Hi stephmon,

    which issues do you have with podPress? If you tell what is wrong then maybe I or someone else can help!

    But to switch the plugins you deactivate podPress. After that you activate PowerPress. As far as I know PowerPress has a import function which takes over the podPress data. How that works detail is probably explained on the PowerPress page.

    like @ntm stated, its simple.

    Deactivate podpress. Activate powerpress.

    Makes sure powerpress plugin is updated

    From your admin are just select powerpress->tools
    -You will find options to import podpress settings, and podpress episodes

    We made PowerPress to be an upgrade to PodPress. PowerPress disables itself from adding podcasting features to your pages and feeds if it detects PodPress. This logic is in place so you don’t have duplicate information to your feeds and pages during the upgrade process.

    As RVoodoo and ntm noted, once you disable PodPress, PowerPress will start working.

    You can get further assistance for PowerPress at the Blubrry forums,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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