• Andy Dickinson


    On the player profile screen can we suppress the competition statistics because it looks messy.


    In the example above, we only want to show the “Career Total” section – we don’t want to show the “Essex Senior Cup”, “FA Cup”, “FA Trophy” etc etc sections.

    How do we do this?

    We have tried removing all competitions from the player. They then don’t show on his profile which is good but unfortunately neither do the Career Totals.


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  • facudson


    Try creating a competition called “All time stats”, “Career stats”, “Sam Mott stats” or something that you like, and put all his stats there.

    I made an example for you: http://prntscr.com/ft2s2k

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    Plugin Contributor Roch



    Thanks for reaching out!

    Great idea, @facudson.

    @theangryduck if that doesn’t work, we could hide them via CSS.


    Kind Regards,

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    @facudson – thanks for the reply. I’m not sure how this would work though. Presumably the stats are driven off the matches – so if we have a match in competition 1 for example and Mott plays in it, then his appearance total for competition 1 will increment.

    If a Career Stats stat was created what will increase these values?

    @rochesterj – my preference would be to hide them but when I looked at Web Inspector I couldn’t see the difference between the CSS behind the individual comps e.g. Essex Senior and the Totals at the bottom (Career Totals).


    Thread Starter Andy Dickinson


    @rochesterj – any chance of a reply please.


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