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  • I’ve got things mostly working as need be, and that’s good.

    • Sidebar widget: Good.
    • A WordPress page to pull in all testimonials using your Posts in Page plugin. Check.
    • That plugin’s post_loops_template copied to theme folder and the_excerpt changed to the_content to pull in entire testimonial. Check.

    Now, for the finisher: Individual testimonial entries. The ones that show up with this url-structure:

    In the header there’s the author (p class=”byline author vcard”) and a time stamp for when the entry was created/last updated. I do not want to display either. (Or, to LOLcat it: Do not want)

    I don’t see the reference to them in the testimonials_loop_template.php file

    (I don’t know if the theme is pulling these in. I certainly know it’s styling what gets pulled in. I’m using Shoestrap)

    . . . .

    Another option, I guess is to not link to individual entries. Which would pretty much solve it all.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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