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  • I reported to my host that I am having I’m having problems with Crawl errors and picking up incorrect URL’s in Google Webmaster tools.

    The sitemaps for my websites are correct and have the correct URL’s. Yet, when Google crawls them, it is reporting errors for url’s that aren’t even in the sitemap. For example, I added a post “October 30 Waterfront Market Update” in Review the URL in the sitemap and it is registered as which is correct. Yet, when Google crawls the site, it doesn’t find… instead it finds oct-30-waterfront-market-update/ Notice that the url is basically reversed. And to make matters worse, it is also picking up the post as oct-30-waterfront-market-update/ which is my master reseller account and doesn’t even have a oct-30-market-update. So the same post is being picked up twice and in both cases incorrectly. So Google is reporting a 404. The website is not indexing properly.

    I went to my host provider and told them that we have something wrong in WHM or DNS. They can’t seem to find a problem and have concluded that the problem is related to synchronization between your WP and Google WebMaster Tools and that my SEO Plugin is causing the problem.

    3 sites on my account are not having the problem, 4 sites are. And yet, my host is telling me that it is this plugin since it is the common plugin to all sites. How can this be? And what could possibly be the problem? I don’t see how it is possible that your plugin would cross site information. This has to be a host issue.

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