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  • jeffcastor2000


    Ok, I subscribe to Google Alert which alerts me when a certain person or thing is posted or talked about on the web. And no, I am not a computer geek or pretend to know what all this stuff on the WordPress site is all about. I’m just an ordinary joe, asking very basic questions on a somewhat kindergarten level…

    I received a google alert today which gave me a link that had no kind of web address, but the link said “Our message board-share your opinion.” The info it gave underneath said something about “Bill,” “scrapbook ideas” and other things. So, i clicked on the link…..

    When I got to the site it said “Message Boards” real big across the top. And it also had a lengthy list of names and topics at the bottom of the page. I assumed the names are posters on threads. The topics next to their names didn’t seem “unquestionable.” But you couldn’t click on any of the names. There was no link to the actual message board. At the very bottom, however, was a little note that said “Latest topics is proudly powered by WordPress”

    BUT sandwiched in between the big header “Message Boards” and the lengthy list of names was a small strip with links to clink on that take you to a porn site. That site’s URL did NOT have Latest topics is proudly powered by WordPress
    anywhere in it. That site also did not have message boards associated with it.

    SO, here are my questions.

    1. What the heck is ? There is no homepage for it. And when you type the “aptmtri” in search, it gets you nowhere.

    2. If WordPress supposedly powers this so-called message board on this so-called site, where can it be found? IS THAT SITE ACTUALLY ASSOCIATED WITH THE PORN SITE?

    3. I just want to get to those message boards. Please someone tell me how.

    [Moderated: Removed links for referenced site. We have no interest in helping sploggers with their Google pagerank.]

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  • Kafkaesqui


    1. Appears to be a strange new form of splog. Or perhaps the site owner is seriously into the new art form known as psychotic performance blogging.

    2. WordPress is a blogging platform. It can not power a message board (i.e. forum) without serious changes to the code. Or at least, not without a plugin.

    3. If there are message boards on that site, they’re extremely well hidden. Which pretty much defeats their purpose, wouldn’t you say?



    Ok, based on what I read about splogs and such, then….

    If Google was sending me the link to this site based on a person’s name or a screen name that it alerts me to, then Google could actually be causing harm to this potentially innocent person? Won’t people automatically think that person is associated in some way with that porn?

    If Google alerted someone to my name and the link pulled up porn, i’d be a little concerned. WAY CONCERNED ACTUALLY! LOL. I don’t do internet porn…lol

    I guess there is always is the possibility that this person is associated with whatever site Google sends them?



    If Google was sending me the link to this site based on a person’s name or a screen name that it alerts me to, then Google could actually be causing harm to this potentially innocent person?

    What I know of Google Alert is that it’s a rather automated tool which informs you about links based on your search criteria. That it may on occasion collect unwanted sites and inform you about them doesn’t seem out of the realm of the very likely.

    As for Google “harming” this person in some way, that all depends on your search terms, the person you’re referring to, and how one takes a site like the one you link to. Personally, I’d find it quite humorous. And have…

    I have this problem too! I have a lying cheating boyfriend who is very easy to track online, however this one “message board” is driving me crazy! However the site I get is but everything else is identical to above message. I checked the source of the page (toolbar view/ source). I think it is a real message board or boards that are being pulled into this one list but as a “picture” of the actual page, thus no links. But how to get to the actual postings I can’t figure out. Since it shows the number of replies it could be any type of posting, but the items listed are varied. Many appear to be out of country based on spellings. Would really like to figure this out. Mine could be a dating site with replies posted based on what i’ve seen of his online tracks, but could also be car related as he visits many of those sites. Any ideas would be appreciated. GREATLY appreciated.

    have also found that pulls up same exact thing. really does appear to be out of country based sites based on the spelling of words on all 3 sites

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