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  • I’m in the process of migrating my existing blog to WordPress (2.0.4). I will be using the “Date and Time Based” standard permalink option, i.e., However, on my existing blog, I use category-based permalinks, such as I want to continue supporting existing links to my content, but I don’t want to set up 300+ permanent redirects.

    With my permalink structure set to date-and-time, category style links aren’t recognized (404). With my permalink structure set to a custom structure /%category%/%postname%/, all my category links work, but date-based permalinks aren’t recognized (404).

    How can get WP to recognize category-style permalinks, while use date-and-time permalinks as the default? I’ve looked for plugins, and haven’t found anything so far. I’d be willing to hack at the code and/or build a plugin, but I’m still poking around the edges of the codebase, trying to understand how everything work.

    Also: Links to the categories themselves are fine, it’s just category-style permalinks to posts I’m having an issue with. I’d even settle for a plugin that finds the linked post and 301’s to the new url… I just don’t want to orphan my old permalinks

    Jason Clark

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  • I *think* this is going to be a case for .htaccess redirects. I’m not very good with that kind of thing, but there are others who post here who are and can probably help.

    Thanks vkaryl. I considered .htaccess redirects, but the only way I can think to do that is to have one for each of my (300+) posts (yikes).

    For example, /weblog/tech/foo/ might now be /weblog/2005/02/07/foo/, but /weblog/tech/bar/ might now be /weblog/2004/09/30/bar/. WP can understand the old category-permalinks, but only when I make that my permalink style, at the expense of date-permalinks. I just need some way to get it to recognize both.

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