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  • Hello,

    To start – I have already viewed and tried to implement your recommendations on this Page.

    I installed the plugin and tried to set it up on my website however, since i installed it, i cannot create a ticket. I have a test account and obviously my Administrator account. I tried the test account as a Customer, Contributor and Support User, all these are unable to SUBMIT a ticket but only view and reply to the ticket. In addition, I did further testing and as you know, my admin account has every single FULL access including full access to the ticketing system (I checked it inside the user roles) and even my admin cannot create a ticket…

    It says ” Sorry, support team members cannot submit tickets from here. If you need to open a ticket, please go to your admin panel or click here to open a new ticket. ”

    I don’t know why it keeps saying that, but there is obviously a problem… but! i tried to make my test user as editor and it was able to create a ticket…. with the exact same user permissions as the other 3 which is so soooo confusing…

    I will wait for your reply. thank you in advance.

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  • Plugin Contributor elindydotcom



    Users with the role “Support Users” are able to create tickets on the front end of the site. They will only be able to view and reply to those tickets on the front end.

    It sounds like you are trying to have your agents or admins respond to tickets on the front end. Anyone that is designated an agent or an admin or anyone who does not have the proper wordpress capabilities to create a ticket will not be able to enter a ticket from the front-end.

    On the back-end anyone designated with the SUPPORT AGENT/MANAGER/SUPERVISOR role or an admin role should be able to reply to tickets (or manage tickets).

    Hopefully this helps.


    Thanks for your reply, no it is not the case. I already made my test account as “Support User” and I have made sure that this test account does have the required roles ticked as authorized such as view, crew, read, post, delete tickets but it is still showing the message. “Sorry, Support team members cannot submit tickets from here. if you need to open a ticket, please go to your admin panel or click here to open a new ticket” when i click on “Click here to open a new ticket”, it just takes me to the my accounts page which i set to have the (My Tickets) but even there, when i try to create a new ticket it takes me back to the same page saying the same message..

    To make it easier, which role or specific options within the authorize page allows for user roles to be able to submit a ticket from the home page?

    Plugin Author awesomesupport


    Unfortunately at this point I am not sure what is going on with your installation. But, you can see a list of roles/capabilities that you need here:
    AS support user role capabilities

    I hope this helps.

    Oh really? I wasn’t expecting developers of the plugin to not be aware of their plugin and how it functions.. I mean.. wouldn’t you be able to implement an update for the plugin to change the expected roles and how it functions at the front end etc?

    Plugin Author awesomesupport


    When the plugin is activated it automatically installs the appropriate roles and capabilties. If it didn’t do it for you then it just means that something went wrong with the activation on your site. If you were a premium license customer we would likely be logging into your system at some point to see if we could figure out the issue. In this free support forum though we are limited in what we can do for troubleshooting.

    That’s fine. I just uninstalled it and added my review. You can’t expect me to pay for premium service when the free is not even working in an acceptable manner. thanks for your time anyways.

    Plugin Author awesomesupport


    @jano2165 – obviously we don’t expect you to pay for something you’re not happy with. We were just explaining that there is limited troubleshooting we can do in a free forum.

    I hope that makes sense.


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