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  • Does Google Analytics Dashboard for WP support using a single Analytics code and Network Activation to allow each Subdirectory site to see their own portion of the overall stats?

    I’m consulting for a client who has a WordPress Multisite set up for a few thousand clients.

    They’ve been using WPMU Analytics+ for their clients, but it has stopped working correctly, and neither I nor the WPMU support team can figure out why.

    They need a widget that can take their SINGLE Analytics code and track all of their (subdirectory) clients, but when each client logs in, he’s shown only his subdirectory stats.

    Analytics+ used to do this properly, but then suddenly started showing some of the clients only GLOBAL stats, so instead of seeing numbers only for their own subdirectory, they’d be shown the cumulative stats for all clients and the top level.

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  • Hi,

    GADWP uses Views, which will need to be assigned to each site (for details and other use cases, see the description of the plugin). Google Analytics has some limitations which need to be taken into account. So basically, considering the size of the network, at some point those limits will be reached, no matter the approach. Assuming is a free Google Analytics account and each site has a decent number of users.

    IMHO, the best approach in this case would be allowing users to individually authorize with their own Google accounts, which probably will defeat the purpose of a network wide GA plugin.

    At this moment you can have upto 100x50x25 Views and the limit for monthly hits is 10 million per property (please note, we’re talking about hits, not sessions, views, nor users).

    Yes, many of these users would be confused and upset if they had to actually get their own analytics authorization. They want it to just happen.

    Are you saying that the reason new users are only seeing global stats, while the old users see full stats, is some kind of limit Google places on Analytics, rather than a bug in the setup of WPMU Analytics+ for new accounts?

    I’m not aware of the specifics of the plugin nor of the network in question, so I can’t tell for sure. It could be a limitation, as well as a bug, a combination of both, or none of the above.

    While these limitations will probably apply to all using the free service, I would never pronounce on a third party plugin, simply because you can’t assume things without having enough information.

    On the other hand, the above post describes some of the limitations you need to consider while using GADWP. So:

    – if you decide to go for the Views model, available in GADWP, you’ll need to consider the limitation of 100 accounts x 50 properties x 25 views, which won’t allow you to use a single tracking id for the entire network.

    – if you decide to somehow use a single View and a combination of query filters to display per site stats (with a custom made GADWP addon, or a modification of GADWP), you’ll need to consider the 10M/property hits limit.

    And again, we’re talking about the Google Analytics free service here, and its limitations.

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