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  • Yes, it will work. Confirmed. We’re using it. Cheers!

    I think it’s worth adding that the Pro release seemingly running fine with PHP 7.3 is no guarantee for the free plugin release …


    We tested both versions (free and pro) with PHP 7.3.1. They work. In addition, link below says its compatible.



    The iTSec 7.2.0 plugin was released before php 7.3.0 was released…
    October 10 versus December 6th.

    So the PHP Version: 5.2 or higher info can be a bit misleading.

    Nevertheless a thank you for @jetxpert for sharing his/her testing results;-)




    On Jan 31st iThemes updated the readme.txt with the following change:

    +Tested up to: 5.0.3
    -Tested up to: 4.9.8

    Nothing else changed so no new release yet.
    Tested up to doesn’t necessarily mean it is fully compatible with WordPress 5.0.3.

    I know for a fact that in the 7.2.0 plugin release the Per Content setting of the SSL module is not compatible with the Block Editor.
    (Which by the way was fixed at the start of dec 2018 for the Pro plugin).

    To make the free plugin compatible you would need to use the Classic Editor plugin. Information that imho should have been included in the readme.txt as well …



    Just a short followup update.

    The 7.3.0 update which iThemes released a couple of days ago is supposed to be tested up to WordPress 5.1.0. Probably a beta or RC (release candidate) as WordPress 5.1.0 is slated to be released on Feb 21st.

    Anyway the Per Content setting of the SSL module is now compatible with the Block Editor in the free plugin as well 😉

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