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  • The plugin has a “someday feature” that embeds a .js file on the website, the problem with that file is that it’s dependent on their server speed, and in some rare cases it causes my visitors to wait even 10-15 seconds before the page loads, on top of that, the “someday feature”┬ájs is a 403, but ti’ll the headers reply, it won’t work and keep some users from loading the website properly.

    On top of that, if you try to access support, it says big with black on a yellow background (on their website) support available only for paid accounts.

    What’s the purpose of this plugin then, if you can’t get support for newcomers?

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  • Plugin Author ryanhungate


    @rwky this is a very old post, but I wanted to step in and see if we could help get you situated. Since this post was written, I’m pretty sure that the javascript file has been moved to a better CDN, and this should be resolved for your account.

    We’ve released a new version of the plugin 2.3 as of yesterday – and if you are open to giving that a try we would like to hear if it’s succeeding for you now.

    As for the paid member issue, you’re correct that in order to get live support with Mailchimp you do have to be a paid member, but we’ll do the best we can to try and help out with the basics like that here for you at the plugin team.


    @ryanhungate hi Ryan, indeed a lot has changed since that post – I’ll check on all accounts that we have access to see if it works as intended.

    Meanwhile, please talk with your team about the this:

    In the latest update there is became a nag notification that this function is going to be removed (currently deprecated), while me and my collegues understand that it will be removed, ther was no info added on why it’s removed (or that it’s deprecated in the 1st place), considering we have seen even 3-5+ seconds processing time, this is slowing the website dashboard very hard and we would like to still have an option to let it work only at regular intervals with small batches, not slow down the entire website.

    I understand that Mailchimp needs tons of data to work correctly, but recking the website servers is not an option; I would suggest hooking into WC Action Scheduler they are a little more quiet than your current system.

    I haven’t studied the past updates in the plugin, maybe a part of what I wrote are already in the system, currently we use other plugins/custom functions to do our job with, since the official plugin was in a degraded, sub-performant, state.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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