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  • Yes, I know that the Google/ WP thing is off limits, so I’m not going into to that, but I ask that all the readers of this forum consider the time and dedication Matt has given to WordPress, that he is overseas and unable to respond to the allegations, and that what is going on here is a nothing more than a character assassination that has now spread from Matt and onto the entirety of WordPress, all for one little mistake. Ask anyone who knows Matt and they’ll tell you he’s a great guy and his ethics are beyond reproach. Ask anyone behind WordPress about his role (as founder) as the driving force and inspiration behind the tool we now value so much. All I ask that in considering the allegations, that you stand back and think twice before joining the lynch mob, and remember you are talking about a real person, and like all people they can make mistakes, but overall what Matt has given, and still has to give, should result in forgiveness, not what’s going on now

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  • agree! 🙂

    I agree, but you know how all the world loves a feeding frenzy. I plan to do my part by not partaking of it. I think it’s overblown anyway and Google is way too full of itself.

    Excuse the snark, it’s been a long day!

    J 😉

    but you know how all the world loves a feeding frenzy

    I suppose its just sad that its happening to Matt, I mean, he’ still one of the good guys to me.

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    I suppose its just sad that its happening to Matt, I mean, he’s still one of the good guys to me.

    Agreed. Not mention the fact that he’s on vacation. If anything, this whole argument proves the importance of leaving your computer at home when you’re on vacation. Honestly, who would enjoy waking up to this in the middle of a vacation? It’s bad enough that he has to come home to it.

    It just seems ironic that it’s Google that is in the midst of the stir; after all, it is now affiliated with Blogger. Blogger never has and never will hold a candle to upload-to-your-own-webspace software IMHO, but it sure sounds like Matt and/or WordPress is posing a threat to someone.

    Very true…. without the feeding frenzy, this whole thing would have been a quietly static situation waiting for the man to get home and get to it. Makes me wonder who actually orchestrated this whole thing, and what they hoped to accomplish.

    Of course, I have a very fertile imagination (I write, after all), so conspiracy theories rise to the top very quickly….




    macmanx – no kidding? If this happened to me while on vacation, and I found out while on vacation, I’d never come back. Let’s compare…. baren Nebraska, or sunny, beautiful Tuscany… gee tough one there.

    Another 24 hours, this will blow over, and in another 96 almost forgotten about.

    Mobs aren’t happy unless they have some one to crusify, and it’s even easier when the target is unavailable.


    It’s classic mob mentality. Sad, really.

    Some good points there in relation to what’s really behind this, I mean Google’s conflicted by owning Blogger and Waxy flies the MT flag, may be a little bit of a conspiracy theory but its certainly causing damage to WordPress as well, and there are any number of people who could benefit from that.

    In times of an external threat the troops rally around the flag and hail their leader.

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    Nice. That’s going in my list of quotes.

    Well unless proven otherwise, like if Matt gets back from Italy and tells us all where to go and it was all part of some evil plan, which lets face it is highly unlikely, why shouldn’t we rally around him? Goodness, if we dropped everyone everytime they made a mistake we wouldn’t have a lot of friends left in the world, would we?

    To paraphrase a quote from my all time favorite movie, Clerks, “It must feel so good pointing out the shortcomings of others.” Randall got it right! Uh-huh.

    But I wasn’t even supposed to BE here today!

    Where WERE you supposed to be, joni?

    Some of the comments on the other thread were disappointing. What a lot of people seem to forget is that Matt’s contribution to the community has been immense and his integrity & character has been immaculate. It’s a shame if in all the hoopla, we overlook this.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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