• The plugin works, I guess?

    The support though, where do I even begin. Between completely misunderstanding my tickets (language barrier?), not reading through my replies and asking me for info I already provided, and the 13 hour time difference… it’s been hell.

    I had a checkout issue I wanted them to check and it legit took me staying up till 4AM and demanding someone connect me via chat for me to get an answer. It was dragging on for about 20 days before that. THEN, I asked them to check if the base plugin was working okay. Simple right? Wrong! I went on chat a bit preemptively this time when my ask was being misunderstood again and not only did I once again get asked for info I had already provided… I get some attitude thrown at me. The icing on the cake! Accusing me of not providing the info and being rude when I just replied with a quote of my previous answer. Then, no apology when I showed the screenshot of my original ticket with all the info… just more accusing~

    I’m stuck with it at this point, but I highly recommend you look elsewhere if you think good support is going to be critical for you.

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  • Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    Hello @nikkeo,

    Please accept my apology for this unexpected inconvenience. Your issue was occurring for the custom development which you have done on your website. Our support staff always tried to solve your issue and a few months ago, you had an issue which was only for your custom development and we fixed that for you.

    I understood that there was some miss communication between you and our support staff because you have asked us to revert your custom development which is not our duty. However, still we are ready to help you and we have checked all the issue with your parent theme. We have made a video for you and send it you through the support ticket. I would request you to keep following your support ticket and personally, I have knocked you in our live chat. If we both can co-operate then it would very easier to resolve your issues.

    Thank you.

    Please don’t try to push this onto me. I have tried my best to be understanding and patient, but it’s aggravating simple questions have dragged on for so long and it’s affecting my business. You say I’m not cooperating when I have provided all necessary info in my replies and have tried to bridge the gap in communication by sacrificing my own time.

    My issue is not because of my custom code. The first issue I kept getting a Paypal error and it turned out for some reason a 0% commission was no longer applicable. The current issue is purely just a case of me needing confirmation that Dokan was working so I could ask my developer to fix his custom code. The only way my custom code was involved was because I asked you guys to disable it (by reverting to parent theme) to test the base plugin. I was not told this wasn’t possible until after I stayed up to live chat even though I had included all the info in my original ticket. In the live chat I even said if it’s that big of a deal I could do it myself then.

    I have received your replies to my ticket and thank you for your efforts.

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    Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    Hello @nikkeo,

    I am not trying to push this onto you 🙂 However, please keep following your ticket. We will try our best until your issue got resolved.

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