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  • Installed and setup Square for WooCommerce … Square confirmed connection but WooCommerce reports “CRITICAL Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function Square\Models\CreatePaymentRequest::” Square payments do NOT process (note: all plugins are up to date yet WooCommerce does NOT process payment instead poping up with a big red box saying “There has been a critical error on this website.” Square tech support says its a WooCommerce problem. WooCommerce tech support will not accept support tickets because they block unless they OK the domain name even though their plugin shows the domain name they have in the status report of the pluggin. Its a dead mans loop of unproductive activity !!!

    After hours of reading search results and documentation not relevant to this error… tried to post a support ticket.
    Support Tiecket requires the domain name where plugin is installed… so copied the domain as it shows in the WooCommerce Status report to paste into the WooCommerce Support request form BUT IT WOULD NOT ALLOW THE NAME EXACTLY AS THE PLUGIN SHOWS IT,
    No support possible even though they accepted the domain name (i.e. VancouverCreates.Art) in the email login and it was copied from teir plugin report. Contacted support as Square who quickly ogt back saying it is a WooCommerce problem got talk to WooCommerce. Half a day of my life wasted….

    A commerce plugin that won’t process payments and where support hides behind tons of documents that do not answer issues … nice user interface but an example of where there is no cure for bad coding. Sad!

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    Hi @danyi,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty reaching our support. We will be happy to assist with this issue via a ticket as we cannot offer support on a review. However, can you please share a screenshot of the error you are getting when you try to open a ticket?

    I would be happy to help you get through to support then we can proceed with helping you on the Square error message from there.

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    The heart of this problem comes when trying to post a Woo Commerce support/problem ticket. There is a normal set of questions (i.e. that eats time as the aspects of the problem are covered) only to find a confirmation of the plugin being installed blocks submission. Tried it with two different domains that both have Woo Commerces plugin installed. For this example, the web site at VancouverCreates.Art installation shows in its status report:

    WordPress address (URL):
    Site address (URL):
    Woo Commerce version: 8.0.3

    It is and has been installed for a few months with the latest updates in play as well as the Woo Commerce Square setup and in play – the cause of this problem discovery.

    The support request further rejected the cut and paste of the domain as well. There is some sort of syntax problem in play given the install is activated and functioning it seems a stupid inconsistency.
    Probably why the average review of Woo Commerce is only just above 2 out of 5.
    Luckily in this case the folks at WPForms have provided two work arounds that let their Square plugin process for product purchases.
    None the less, it would be nice to know there was a way to request support from Woo Commerce rather than face a migration to Shopify.

    NOTE: You asked for a screen shot…. where exactly do you accept screen shots… here offers no upload and the email you sent does not accept responses ???
    Now the Woo Commerce support (i.e. the address the folks at Square gave us cause this is a Woo Commerce problem – “you’ll need to submit a ticket with their Support team“) also requests a ‘store’ address up front. It does not accept the domain name, the store name in Woo Commerce or the Square Store names either. At least the non working name request was moved up front instead of being hidden in the support ticket input.

    Could the people doing support make requests even more work… it is almost like they want to pretend to offer support rather than doing the work.
    Nothing drives users away faster than poor performance cause there is no cure. Or as John Wayne said “That’s Stupid and there Ain’t No Cure For Stupid”

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    Hi @danyi, thank you for a more detailed explanation. It is quite odd that this is not working for you as I tried it on my end and it worked just fine.

    I recommend connecting your site to your account using the steps in this guide to enable you to select the site from the drop-down menu instead of typing it in manually.

    Regard sending screenshots, you can either use a third-party screenshot service like or and then share the link here with us.

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