• Have been using this plugin for 2 years now. Not sure if I can recommend it to anyone else because of the feeling of uncertainty. I feel disappointed with 2 things. First of all, with every update always comes plenty of problems.

    DO NOT UPDATE right away even if it looks fine in your staging site. I guarantee you you will find an issue somewhere, which will take a while to fix. This brings me to the next issue, the support. The support is good so long as you are dealing with 1 issue at a time that’s not urgent. Good luck is your issue is urgent.

    The forum is the most inefficient ticketing system around. This is how it works. You create a ticket first explaining what the issue is. If you’re lucky enough to get the message across without having to repeat yourself or without your message getting lost in the shuffle they will ask you next day to share login credentials. On day 2 they will start looking into the issue. In all fairness this takes 2 days for me because I am in the U.S. For users in other parts of the world may take less. In any case this is a redundant step.

    If you or the person responding to your ticket forgets to me mark the thread private your information is out in the pubic. This has happened to me as the agent forgot to make the conversation private. Always feel uncomfortable sharing information.

    Right now I am dealing with an issue with a recent update. After installing the update the website started crawling and a bunch of major issues hit the site. I opened a ticket and explained specifically that I downgraded from the latest update and yet again the support went to the website and recklessly installed the update to look into the issue and left it. Next morning I log in and find the website crawling again. In the end, my ticket is marked solved and issue is still ongoing.

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  • Plugin Author Purnendu Dash


    Hello @dplaza,

    Thanks for sharing the feelings of yours in detail.

    Customer satisfaction as our utmost priority, hence I went through your support ticket on our forum and found that we already shared the videos about the issue and tried to explain the thing in detail, so that you can understand the same.

    On other note, as per our last thread update, we fixed the issue on your stagging and requested you to check whether its being fixed or not and apply the same changes on live site too, as without anyone’s approval we do not tough anyone’s live site.

    I can understand we do have a timezone difference issue and thats why you are facing the delay in reply, however we are trying our best to minimize the gap.

    We marked the thread resolved, as we have not received any update from you for two days (However, you can always open a new thread as soon as you need any further support). Really sorry as that created a trouble for you.

    Now, we again made that open, so that you can post your query. I will personaly ready to work on your site now and will work till the time it got fixed. Its all about your 2 years time, money and reputation.

    Looking forward your co operation.

    Thread Starter dplaza


    My ticket was reopened last week, I have posted multiple queries but have not received ANY responds from your team ever since. The website is still crawling with multiple issues. I can see how customer satisfaction is your utmost priority.

    I have been a fan of your plugin for its unique feature, it turns out this could be a disadvantage. After 2 years I am a bit concerned with dependability of your plugin. It seems to like the kind of issues that come with your plugin is also unique that can only be solved by your team. Combined that with time difference and poor communication and you will understand my frustration.

    Lastly, just so you know the issue was not fixed on the staging site,the video you’re referring to was a small part of the main issue. The issue is still ongoing. I seem other users complaining about the same issue.

    Do you work with free version or paid one ?

    Thread Starter dplaza


    The core plugin is free, you pay for extensions as you need.

    Plugin Author Purnendu Dash



    Sorry to hear, you still facing the same issue and you did not received any communicaon from our end for 1 week or so, however as I can see, we have replied back to your queries in this thread on 28th November – https://wc-marketplace.com/support-forum/topic/some-vendor-products-were-unassigned-from-the-orginial-listing/#post-47436.

    After that, we haven’t heard back from you. Also the thread you have open today, our team checked the staging site, it seems the issues are fixed. As you can check the thread here – https://wc-marketplace.com/support-forum/topic/reposting-issue-with-duplciate-products-in-category-pages/#post-47912

    It hurts us, when we see our users facing issues with their business, so kindly check our responses and revert back to us.

    We shared some addition videos of your site regarding the flow. So, kindly check that, where we have shared the flow for the site also.

    Looking forward your co operation.

    Thread Starter dplaza


    Did you happen to notice the thread is marked private? I am not able to see your respond because it’s marked private on your end, which is why I opened a new thread.
    This is what I see when I am logged in: https://screencast.com/t/IKHtjYoGx
    This is what I see when I am not logged in: https://www.screencast.com/t/xmPIoSeUsesy Can you tell the difference?

    Your videos are not very helpful but rather confusing.

    Plugin Author Dualcube


    @dplaza, thanks for letting us know this issue, we are sorry regarding this. We sincerely apologize for this issue. That is why our other member has responded to this thread – https://wc-marketplace.com/support-forum/topic/reposting-issue-with-duplciate-products-in-category-pages/#post-48071

    Kindly get back to us here.

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