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    Can you describe in detail the issue you faced so that the plugin authors can avoid this happening to anyone else in future?

    Why not post the issue in the support forum here, we may be able to assist.

    The comment wasn’t related to one specific, but generally to the way WooCommerce supported.

    One of the problems I found is below. Main Menu Cart is showing Incorrect Variation Picture. Please check screenshot at You can see that sidebar is showing correct one.
    In next screenshot you can see that variation picture was setup (
    I raised this with theme support, but they told me the problem is with Woocommerce.
    I’m using WooCommerce 2.0.2 with WP 3.7.1.

    @dgomel – so please DO start a new thread in the support forum here:

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @dgomel I replied to your thread. The issue is with the theme’s widget, not the widget built into the plugin.

    Therefore you have left a negative review for the plugin unnecessarily. Disappointment.

    Mike, I know that everybody needs to earn money. My negative feedback related to fact that “free” product has $29/month support free, when many others are giving you the ecommerce solution with integration to payment and shipping gateways, and even hosting. I’m satisfied with plugin in overall. I’m still not like the way it’s supported.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @dgomel community support from other users can be found here. You are talking about premium support – I don’t know where you got £29 monthly from – thats not the case. The currently policy is 1 years premium support with any extension purchase.

    The most disappointing thing here is that you wouldn’t have come here moaning about support availability if the developer you *did* purchase from supported you correctly 🙂

    Dear Mike Jolley, you did a great product, but you are rude. I was wrong in my assumption, I will remove the part about *premium* support. I’m waiting to see our discussion about bug/feature, when I’ll buy one of extensions.
    BTW what is your commitment to solve bugs?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Maybe I am a bit rude, but I’m also fed up with bogus reviews due to other products utilising WooCommerce and other developer’s “support”.

    We’ll fix core issues with WooCommerce as reported, but it isn’t our place to fix issues with PREMIUM themes you bought from someone else – you need to ask the theme author for help there.

    If you find a bug with the core plugin (ensure themes and other plugins are off before reporting) send it here:

    I’m not expecting you to fix code created by others…
    Could I know how fast core issue would be solved before buying your *premium* support? What is your policy? What will be fixed as hotfix and what will be scheduled for future version(s)?
    Or it’s all up to your wise decision?
    BTW, Avada fixed there code in 1 day.

    Additional question.
    I’ve found that “Each license is valid for one year of updates and support”. So. it’s not only premium support payment. After one year, I’ll need to renew license to get useful plugins to work with new versions, isn’t it?

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    dgomel? If you have questions about the premium support for this plugin then please take it to the plugin author’s site.

    That’s probably the best place to answer those questions.


    great product. don’t give in to the desire to give as good as you get. conversations come and go, but flame wars last forever. keep up the great work and great comments.

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    Please note that these forums are only for the WooCommerce plugin hosted on and should not be used to discuss any premium services or plugins. Please move those discussions off site so these forums can remain related to the free plugin here only.

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