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  • Wudman


    I found this early in my WordPress adventures and thought it a good idea. It is a basic install in the very beginning of any new WordPress website.

    This year I updated to the “pro” version and though it isn’t one of those brainless, “plug and play” plugins, I am getting to like it even more.

    A lot of that goes to Edward, a senior engineer at Ait-Pro. I am humbled by his awesome support.

    For you “thrifty” folks, his basic plugin is worth the price of his pro version if only because he is adding more to it. Unlike a few other plugin developers, he hasn’t crippled up the “free” version after it has become popular to force folks to pay. In fact he has made the free version more fully featured.

    – Recently added Login security to defend against Brute Force attacks.

    This is a full featured login limiting capability which helps reduce “plugin clutter”. “Plugin Clutter” is where you have way too many plugins to do few too many real tasks. Why use two plugins when one will get the job done. If you ever have a plugin conflict, you will understand this. Fewer plugins also tend to make your site faster.

    The bottom line is even if you are daunted by anything more than “plug and play” plugins, consider buying the Pro version and reading the forums.

    WordPress sites are a giant target since 17% of the world’s websites use our favorite CMS. A good defense means the robots will move on and eat someone else’s site.

    If you are a developer, you should buy a Pro licenses just because even if you are too busy to use the pro licenses, the support is worth every cent.
    John W.

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