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  • duff1


    I’ve paid 200$ to get access to all addons and support. It’s takes long time to get response and answers are very evasive. The solution could maybe be sometimes easy but asking for more money. All I’ve got, it’s the same addons also available for free on GitHub and no valuable support.

    I had to install more than 20 addons to make the plugins like we need. You need to have some programming skills to understand how to make any changes to addons. Only to add some custom string in the registration form is very complicated, even with the video tutorial.

    Even with a paid subscriptions, it was not possible to update addons on my dashboard. I had to frequently explore all addons on GitHub to figure out any updates and manually install it (unless for the PMPro main plugin and some of addons).

    Payment module:
    It’s not possible to use more than one payment module at a time, unless you install an addons to give a second choice to subscribers.

    If you want to offer different recurring payment period, you have to create membership level for each recurring period (yearly, monthly, etc.) It makes it hard to manage all these levels when you have a couple of levels with a couple of different recurring payment periods.

    User-friendly: NOT
    Wordpress is quite simple for anybody, even with no particular skills. This plugin require you to play a lot in functions.php for most customization, where most of other plugins could be simply done by a mouse-click.

    Lots more issue with the plugin but can’t remember all of them.

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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Thanks for the review. It makes some good points that I think might help others considering Paid Memberships Pro. I’ve commented in more detail on your points below.

    > Support

    I reviewed your threads, and for the most part we replied within one business day. A lot of your threads were one sentence questions on intricate topics. I think if your posts would have been as thorough as this review, you might have received faster support.

    We also don’t advertise it too much, but since we embrace the open source nature of our software, we do release all of our code on GitHub and/or and people are free to use it for free.

    When you paid $200 for support, note that in your case I paid much more than that to pay my team that supported you on 11 tickets.

    > Customization

    We understand and embrace that using Paid Memberships Pro sometimes requires a programmer and work to get your membership site exactly how you need it. A lot of people (45k+ of the 50k+ sites running it) use the plugin without paying for support. Many are able to get things working with our support.

    We understand that every membership site is different and has different requirements. We also believe that in many cases it’s better to have a programmer write X lines of code to get your site working exactly how you want vs twice as many additional settings and admin screens to get things almost how you need. It seems like you were trying to customize PMPro a lot.

    I think it’s unlikely you were able to find another solution that had everything you needed with less programming, but if you did find this platform, share it here so others can benefit.

    > Update

    Some of our addons are not yet on or our update server. These addons are early in development.

    > Payment Module

    It is true that PMPro only supports one payment gateway at a time out of the box. The “Add PayPal Express” addon covers the most often requested secondary gateway. When we first built PMPro, we streamlined things for using one gateway, which is what most users wanted. Things have changed, and now it’s more common to want to offer multiple payment options. This is particularly hard with recurring payments, but it’s on our radar and something we’re working on. It is possible to setup multiple options with a programmer and/or our support and some patience.

    > User Friendly

    This is something we struggle with. We obviously want things to be as easy as possible to use, and the ease of use that core WP provides sets a high bar. However, setting up a membership site is oftentimes a complicated thing. We do our best. Over time as certain customizations become more common and mature, they become easier to use.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    I know this is sometimes difficult to get a perfect extension to our needs and I thought PMPro would. That’s why I try it for a long time, beyond the evaluation period. I tried to adapt it to our needs and our French-speaking environment has not helped.

    I consulted one of your blogs talking about Money-back guarantee and it said that the refund could be possible beyond the trial period. I hoped that this can be possible because we are a non-profit organization and that money is hard to get.

    We now use MemberPress that fits our needs and is very user-friendly. Good continuation!

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