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  • This plugin is great and handles almost everything related to caching and media.

    Can support be added for setting a max width/height for images on upload and resize any that are too large?

    Along these lines, can support also be added to set a custom JPEG image quality level to override the WordPress default?

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    Thanks for your suggestion. The 1st one is in our dev plan.

    The 2nd one is a nice feature to have. Will add it to v3.0.

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    This would be great! I’d be able to 1 or 2 less plugins.

    Don’t want to create a separate topic, so I will add my 5 cents here.
    LiteSpeed is already a great plugin combining a lot of features, it’s image optimization produce well-compressed images but it lacks customization options of dedicated plugins. So to get rid off those dedicated plugins we need to have some control over image optimization engine, such as:
    – resizing original images
    – cropping originals (strange indeed but I am not able to find a single WP plugin letting you to bulk crop original images)
    – skip image re-compression if expected file weight reduction is minimal
    – setting advanced compression settings such as desired image quality, chroma subsampling, quantisation type (Flat, ImageMagick, Klein etc.) etc.

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    Hi @titsmaker,

    Thanks for your ideas.

    resizing original images is in plan.

    cropping originals – Can you give some more details? Why and how.

    skip image re-compression if expected file weight reduction is minimal – What is re-compression and minimal?

    setting advanced compression settings ` Currently the quality is 85, which is possible to be customized. But the other options, not sure if we can apply to our optimization engine in a short time.

    Thanks for reply.
    1) cropping – sometimes you need to change the aspect ratio of your images, but you already have media library with different aspect ratios. Of course you can use cropped thumbnails, but in some situations having cropped original is beneficial. E.g. WooCommerce shows original images for magnify option on product page, so if you use uncropped original image and cropped thumbnail the zoom function doesn’t work properly (see here – Also some disk space is saved. I can imagine some other situations when you want to change aspect ratio of original images. At the moment this can be done only manually editing each image via media library image editor which still keeps the original images after cropping wasting your disk space.
    2) I mean sometimes image was already compressed really well. So compressing it one more time saves you only 5 Kb but adds extra artifacts.
    3) just a feature advice, would be nice to have at least some option to control the desired level of compression

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    Noted. Will do some research later. Thanks.

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    Hi, I am using LiteSpeed Chache plugin for all pages to optimize speed. But after using this plugin my post/page images gone invisible. I have tried many other plugins to show the images but not result came. For example you can check the page and there is only alt Txt showing in preview.

    I need help, Please any one can guide me about this issue.
    How can I show images back on my pages?
    Thank you.

    +1 on the resizing original image option. I have clients that don’t want to take the time resizing their original images before uploading, resulting in large original images taking up unnecessary space.

    Would be great with an option working the same way we limit the max width/height of the normal WordPress large, medium and thumbnail images, but for the actual original.

    Fingers crossed!

    +1, a resizing original image option would be incredibly useful!

    +1 for resizing. When can we expect a V3 release?

    any update for auto resizing tool when uploading an image in library ?

    + 111 for this feature missing 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

    Shortpixel Adaptive Images does resizing and cropping really well, however this should be part of LiteSpeed/


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