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  • I just have to say a few things to the members/support on this web support website. I am new to web/blog set-ups and tried to get help on this website. I received a very sarcastic response back to my questions. I can not believe the rudeness & sarcastic comments that are left for people asking for help on this website.

    I think you brain-e-aks don’t know how to get your asses out of your heads and be willing to be more understanding of people that may not be so computer savvy as you asshole brain-e-akes may be. Your not living in the real world. You hide behind a computer screen.

    I will bow out of this blog set-up very proudly knowing I voiced my feelings on how rude & cruel people are in this website. I sure hope I don’t meet any of the support from this website out in the real world, because I know I would not be in a safe environment with them around me.

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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    you got a very useful response by one of the volunteer helpers/moderators;
    basically an invitation for you to provide more detailed information, and to explain what number you were referring to.

    what else do you expect if you don’t post enough details about your actual problems with the design?

    vain social nicety is not the focus of a support forum of this kind.

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