• A few months ago I would have rated 5 stars. And to be honest I am not rating only 1 star right now because the plugin simply does what it says.
    After paying for a 1 year subscription, with time support became worse and worse. Plugin is very inflexible for developers and plugin ignores basic CSS changes. When I requested if a simple customization was possible, the developers answer was “No.”
    When the plugin caused issues with database, the answer was:
    “Try to use another search plugin. Perhaps our search is not suitable for your store.”

    Eventually the plugin started showing the wrong prices to costumers, which support is taking a very long time to solve/has not solved yet.

    I just switched and am currently using ajaxsearch.pro, which is only a 1 time payment (not a pricy subscription), returns results faster than Omegasearch, works as intended and so far has had excellent support. I personally recommend paying the extra monthly subscription for a faster server + a local ajax search (you get a fast search and fast website), than paying for Omegasearch monthly sub.

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