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  • This is probably brought to your attention before but im getting fed up with this support board now 🙁

    When i click support i enter this board/forum. So far fo good.

    When i use the search it searches all over the page. But i never actually find what im looking for 🙁

    Also when i enter a forum. And want to go to page 2 i always end up in the ‘tags’ page… Also manually changing the url wont work. Basically there’s no way to see more than the first few posts 🙁

    The ‘add to favorites’ option is not working too


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  • I’d have to agree… in previous versions the search return results were actually useful, but the current system gives row upon row of meaningless

    WordPress ” WordPress support

    headings to each result in the list, instead of the subject under which those posts were made… If it’s not the above, then it’s the development blog that is the heading on each return result…

    I’d really like to see the actual subject highlighted and be the link, not the place where it was posted… As it stands, even assuming that there are some results, then finding what you are seeking is far from convenient and often impossible in any practical sense.



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