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  • Hello phd38 (or anybody else reading this)
    Wordpress allows us to create subcategories nested inside categories for posts. But the Mediatagger plugin doesn’t recognize that: it treats tags as categories (which is ok), bu it also treats subcategories as categories (which is not ok, since subcategories are nested inside categories).

    For a client that I’m working with right now, that’s a deal breaker. Which I’m trying to ‘correct’. Is it possible to change Mediatagger code in anyway to address this? Would it be a simple thing to do?

    My client is willing to pay for this customization, if that’s necessary, of course.

    To the best of my knowledge, Mediatagger is the best plugin around for this. But my client is worried with the excess of checkboxes (he would like more dropdown boxes instead).

    I hope this can be solved soon, otherwise I’d have to hire a programmer just to deal with such a small (albeit important) thing.

    Thanks in advance =]

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  • Plugin Author phd38


    I know the nested categories, I am using it on my main site.

    When you say “he would lile more dropdown”, do you have a precise idea about the user interface that would match the request ? As of today all the categories (and sub) are flattened.

    This would involve a change in the processing code as well as in the data representation.


    The client is an amateur photographer. The usage would be as follow:
    -The cities where he took the photographies would be inserted as categories; (e.g. NY)
    -Specific places in a city will be subcategories for that city (e.g. Central Park, nested inside New York).

    The problem here is that levelling everything, it ends up with dozens of checkboxes at once (hence he thought about dropdown boxes). Thinking about it with dropdown would be like this:
    -First: choose a city (category) in the first dropdown box;
    -Second: choose a place (subcategory) in the second dropdown box (which of course, would have to load later, after the first one is chosen).

    Right now, I’m solving this using tags groups, and it works fine. But I get the client complaint of too many checkboxes (so I’m trying to solve it).

    Thanks for your attention =]

    Info about what I’m running:
    WP MediaTagger 3.2 | PHP 5.2.17 | MySQL 5.1.63-cll | GD Lib bundled (2.0.34 compatible)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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