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  • A lot of the solutions on the web require for the image to have a background-size in order for the retine display function to work. For example, I want to load a @2x image onto my ipad. Well.. currently, whe you add an image, on a regular browser it shows up fine.. but not on an ipad – they are zoomed in and i see 1/4 of it. I have to manually add a css override to each slider to make the images appear correct on my ipad.

    I wish there was a way for us to add a “style” when uploading images this way i can simply specify the background-size (even better if it’s detected). The background size is technically the same as the width, but because it’s not specified, the images loads huge and incorrectly.

    I tried playing around with the php files, but i couldn’t figure out how to add the the background-size attribute to the id #slider_name and .cs-slider_name

    Seems very simple, but i’m not able to make it work.

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  • There is an ‘Enable auto-resizing’ option for each vSlider, although I wasn’t able to get it to work, it’d show broken images.

    i tried that too…… but after enabling them… it actually just converts the image down and then it prevent the @2x image from loading on ipad altogether.

    my solution for now is when i make a new slider (which i do with every blog post ( – i have to go to dreamwiever and add these attributes: background-size attribute to the id #slider_name and .cs-slider_name to my css. Which is a pain in the butt…

    i’m not a crazy coder… but i’m trying to figure it out by using educated guesses. I’ve found a file vslider.css.php which seemed promising.. but it does’t affect anything…. i erase it and everything on the front end still works perfectly fine. SO i’m like really stuck.. any help pointing me into the right direction would really help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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