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    We have a few products that have an extra dropdown for Yith Product Add ons on the product page. When you select these they get passed on to the cart page and then the checkout page.

    Because there is no cart page in Cartflows I can’t set up a flow for these products as you can’t add the product add ons on the checkout page and im forced to use the default woocommerce cart + checkout.

    Is there a way to have the Yith Product Add ons be selected on the cart flow checkout? That way we can make use of the flow.

    Thanks in advance!



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  • Plugin Support CartFlows Team


    Hello @vhwebvision

    Thank you for getting touch with us!

    Actually, we haven’t added the custom support of any product addon plugin in the CartFlows and that is why even if you select the product which is having the addon options then they will not be displayed on the checkout page.

    But, as far as I haven seen the Product addon plugins adds the extra options on the single product’s page. From where the user select those options and add that product in the Cart and then moves to the checkout page.

    At this point you can connect one flow to your cart i:e to your store by setting the Global Checkout page. Here is the article for it.

    This will replace the default WooCommerce checkout page with CartFlows checkout page and then you will all the addon options on the checkout page as well.

    I hope this clarifies you.
    Please let me know in case you have more questions. You can also open a support ticket from our website as well.

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