• Hello,

    I use Postmark for all WordPress transactional emails, but I would like to use the Newsletter plugin to send all campaigns via Postmarks broadcast stream. Would this be possible?

    Also, is it possible to support Postmarks bounce webhooks:


    I wanted to see if this was feasible before purchasing the plugin’s premium version. Thank you!

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    I was able to set up Postmark usage via the SMTP settings they provide. However, the issue I’m seeing is that I cannot specify a stream via the default SMTP settings provided by the premium addon. According to the developer documentation, I should be able to add a custom header to all emails sent via the plugin:

    add_filter('newsletter_message', 'postmark_broadcast_custom_header', 10, 3);
    function postmark_broadcast_custom_header($message)
        $message->headers['X-PM-Message-Stream'] = 'your-stream-id';
        return $message;

    I’ve attempted to add this to my functions.php file, which is not working. I’ve done several tests via the SMTP addon and the delivery diagnostic tools, which continue to be sent via the default transactional stream.

    I’ve opened a ticket for this issue (#286634) but wanted to let others know about this who might be in a similar situation in the future.


    Thread Starter John Lewis


    Unfortunately, I have not had much success in getting this to work, and the support ticket responses haven’t been too helpful.

    If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

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