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  • hi there,

    just had a thought which could be of use to some developer.. but .. it would seem that trying to build websites these days is still as hard as it was back in the 90’s.. meaning Browser compatibilities and issues surrounding these ‘Browsers’ .. especially *ehem &coughs IE5.5+

    would you believe that I personally have not had as many issues with any other browser worldwide as I have with this stupid thing.

    anyway , grudges aside.. I was wondering.. perhaps some kind sole , could compile a plugin which would ;

    • detect the users browser
    • detect screen resolution
    • convert any nonsense into recognizable code for said browser

    so that the website at least works on their windows 98 IE 5.5 without spanning off the page and/or going apeS**t for


    ps: same goes for Chrome,Opera,Firefox & Safari

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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