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    Hello – Great plug-in! Of course, the second thing my client asked after seeing the plug-in in action was whether or not the feed could support a second twitter account of hers. So, I thought I’d ask if this was possible, or perhaps should be a feature request, and if there is some clever work-around (either at the plug-in level or with twitter itself) that could be used.

    Regards, and again, good work!

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  • Plugin Author Martin Tod


    Various options…

    • You can have more than one widget
    • You can use a shortcode like [rotatingtweets search='from:mpntod OR from:twitter']
    • You can show a list with the two names on like [rotatingtweets screen_name='mpntod' list='alresford']

    Hope one of these works for you!

    Intending to add the functionality to the widget this weekend!

    Thanks a bunch – I was missing the multiple “from” syntax. Exactly what I wanted.

    Are you sure there aren’t 5 of you? You’re very quick to respond. Thanks!

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to do the same thing here where do I switch the short code? (forgive me if that’s elementary–I’m new to wordpress.) I looked at the “edit plugins” code and also at the basic widget options, and neither seemed to have that option.


    Plugin Author Martin Tod


    Hi Emily,

    Are you using a widget or have you put a shortcode into a post or page?

    If the former, select ‘search’ as your ‘type of tweets’ and put something like:

    from:mpntod OR from:twitter

    in the search box.

    If the latter, then put

    [rotatingtweets search='from:mpntod OR from:twitter']

    in your post or page.


    ah….thanks, Martin. do you know how many I could do before it would cause the script confusion? (I’m using widgets, btw. as a newcomer to WP, I thought one had to, for plugins.)

    Plugin Author Martin Tod


    To be honest, I don’t know. That’s more of a Twitter question than a plug-in question. The best guide I can find is at

    If you want a LOT of accounts, it may be easier to set up a Twitter list and display the Tweets from that rather than using the search function.

    Plugin Author Martin Tod


    Thanks again, Martin….I’ll only want to call from a few accounts; I suspect it will be fine. Thanks for the plugin!

    I need to show the tweets from the user worklearnmobile and of the list webnews that belongs to this same user. How can I do this?
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Martin Tod


    After looking at the options for advanced search and the Twitter search API, I don’t think you can unfortunately – although given that there is one person on the list currently, you can currently do it via searching for:

    from:worklearnmobile OR from:geoffstead

    Another option is to set up a list that includes worklearnmobile and all the people on webnews on another account.

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