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    I just finished another modification of your plugin. This one adds new command “bibfilter”. It displays small html form, where user can filter publications by author and publication type (command defines which types).
    See screenshot.

    Example of use:
    [bibfilter group=year group_order=desc author=Nahodil|Vítků menutypes=INCOLLECTION-In_Collection|MASTERSTHESIS-PhD/Diploma/Bachelor_Thesis sortauthors=0]

    If you find this useful, I can push it to the repository and create new pull request. I was not sure if it does not disrupt the pending request, so I didn’t push it yet.


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  • Plugin Author bpiwowar


    Yes please do so.

    many thanks

    Hi, so I pushed these changes to git repository, tried to send new pull request and it says: “Pull request creation failed. Validation failed: A pull request already exists for jvitku:master.”

    So I suppose that you can already see the new version.

    You can try this new mod here:-)

    Again, thanks for useful plugin!

    This is an amazing feature, but a quick question for your example at

    Do you have a way of dynamically generating the authors for the filter? I also have a long list of authors to filter through, but curious if you did it via script and statically entered it in the [bibfilter] call or dynamically when the page loads.


    Plugin Author bpiwowar


    for the moment the list is given by hand, but I agree it would be good to have an automated way to fill the possible options.


    Thanks for the plugin, it is great!
    However, I can’t get the bibfilter shortcode to work. I tried to use this shortcode, that is close to that of the documentation:
    [bibfilter group=year group_order=desc author=Author1|Author2 allow=journal,incollection,inproceedings,phdthesis,mastersthesis sortauthors=0 file=biblio.bib]

    It works with the bibtex shortcode but with bibfilter I get errors.
    Here are the first 2 warnings:
    Warning: Missing argument 7 for Papercite::showEntries() [...]
    -Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Filename cannot be empty in […]`

    How do you specify the file to consider?


    Plugin Author bpiwowar


    The documentation was not updated: you have to put quotes around the author alternatives:

    [bibfilter group=year group_order=desc author="Author1|Author2" allow=journal,incollection,inproceedings,phdthesis,mastersthesis sortauthors=0 file=biblio.bib]


    Thanks for the quick answer.
    However, it doesn’t seem to solve the problem. The menu is filled with the right items but I still get all the warnings and no reference is displayed…
    Do you want me to give you all the errors I get?


    Indeed your plugin, is great.
    Since the last update I encountered the same problem as JulesFrancoise posted above…
    My short code worked fine as:
    [bibfilter group=year group_order=desc sort=firstauthor order=asc allow=article,inproceedings]
    but now nothing works, except for the bibtex shortcode.
    Can you please assist?

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