• Hello

    Firstly thanks for all of your hard work and fantastic plugins. We really appreciate what you have created, you Event Organsiser plugin is one of the best we think.

    We also think Event Organiser Posterboard is a great addon and really useful. Can you please let us know if Event Organiser Posterboard will still be supported and updated?

    We would love you to keep supporting and updating the Event Organiser Posterboard plugin as we think it is fantastic.

    Also, for those of us on a budget, it might be worth considering some one-off payment single site licences with updates but only one year or limited support. It’s just a thought. If you build several sites, annual subscriptions can be off putting as there isn’t always a budget for them. With one off payments however I think you would attract more buyers for premium licences.

    For example, would you consider updating the Event Organiser Posterboard add-on and charging a one-off payment for a single licence with limited support (maybe 3 or 6 months) and ongoing updates?

    I realise this isn’t as lucrative as annual subscriptions but I truly believe you would sell a lot more licences. We would definitely buy one and continue to promote your products too.

    Many thanks in advance for the info, very best regards,


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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Hi David,

    Really glad you like the plugin 🙂

    For the paid extensions there’s a single-site option, and although licenses only last one year you can continue to use the plug-in once the key has expired. The license is for updates and support – so in that sense one-off purchases are possible.

    Of course, if you require access to support and updates beyond the first year, then you can renew the license (at a discount).

    As for Posterboard, that is one of the free extensions. It’s not been updated in a while since there are no new features I plan to add to it, but it should still work!

    All the best,

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