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  • Anybody know when WordPress will roll out support for classic blocks in the mobile app? This is our main type of block, which makes the otherwise nifty app absolutely unusable for our website. Do any workarounds to this exist, apart from converting the article to blocks every single time?

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  • classic blocks

    What are these?

    There’s the Classic Editor. And this is loaded as one block, the Classic Editor block, when using the block editor to edit content previously created in the Classic Editor.

    But classic blocks? What are these? Can you provide a screenshot to show what you’re referring to?

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    Hi George, thanks for your reply. It looks like this — a block that enables editing like in the old pre-guttenberg editor. Very handy thing. You insert them amid the other types of blocks. Unfortunately, the Android wordpress app doesn’t read the classic blocks, and it is our main type of content-making block.

    The classic editor has been permanently deprecated. WordPress contributors are now actively focusing their time on improving the block editor and making it as easy to use as possible.

    However, from a web browser, you can still add the Classic block to your post or page. Then, you’ll be able to edit the Classic blocks through the app after they’ve been added via a browser.

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    Hi @thabotswana, the problem is that I can’t edit the classic block on the app after I add it from a desktop browser. I get this message that “Classic block is unsupported”.



    Hi @chornajuravka!

    If your post only has classic blocks, you’ll be able to edit the blocks through the app after they’ve been added via a browser, as Thabo mentioned above.

    Otherwise, you will need to edit the classic blocks in a web browser.

    Hope this helps, and let us know if you have further questions.

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    Hi @momozw!

    My actions are as follows:

    1. I create a wordpress post on desktop, and add a classic block
    2. I create my post inside the classic block and publish.
    3. Then, I try to edit the post on the Android app, but it says classic blocks are unsupported.

    So as I see it, I am doing specifically what you say, but am not being able to edit on mobile.

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    Problem solved, everybody. I was adding the classic block in a way that accidentaly had an empty paragraph block inserted above, making the post concist of two blocks instead of one.

    Still hoping for full support of classic blocks on mobile.

    Still hoping for full support of classic blocks on mobile.

    Unfortunately, that’s a hope that’s never going to happen.

    The block editor is a replacement for the classic editor. The classic block is a backwards-compatibility feature to support existing content created with the classic editor.

    If you’re creating new content today with the block editor, there’s absolutely no reason to use the classic block… you’re merely postponing the inevitable and setting yourself up for possible problems down the road.

    And the hope of the mobile app ever going back to support a feature that’s being replaced is not something that’s ever going to happen.

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