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  • Amazon AWS provides ElastiCache, a hosted memcached solution. One of its major benefits is “Cache Node Auto Discovery”, where instead of configuring the list of memcache server hostnames and ports (which might change at any time when the cache cluster scales up or down, or a node dies and is replaced) you configure a “configuration endpoint”, and then the memcache client (at connect time) retrieves a list of cache servers.

    Documentation on this can be found at – the gist is that the “configuration endpoint” is a DNS record that contains CNAMEs for all of the cache cluster endpoints.

    Amazon provides a PHP extension that supports this, but it seems to only be compatible with the “memcached” PECL extension, whereas w3tc seems to use the “memcache” extension.

    Is there any likelihood of switching over to “memcache” to support this, or alternatively implementing ElastiCache dynamic configuration in w3tc (i.e. implementing a cluster client – amazon’s reference is OSS)? I’d be willing to try to submit a patch if there’s interest.

    This is also a concern because with ElastiCache, if I want more memory (spin up a larger cache instance), the DNS name for the memcache instance will change. Since this is configured in an on-disk file, I would need to terminate the running WordPress instances in order to get the new address.

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  • Please use the “Suggest a new feature” option in the Support tab of the plugin.

    ej ortega


    HI can someone help me. I’m new to wordpress and aws elasticache.
    I have a L.A.M.P server running wordpress inside a VPC on AWS, I want to use elasticache so that my auto scaled instances can access my master server cache using memcache. Can someone help me about the step by step tutorial on this. thanks

    I’ve submitted a feature request using the plugin. I’ll do my best to keep this topic updated with any updates I receive.

    I see that w3tc is GPL, but the readme only lists one contributor. I’m not sure that I’ll have the time, but if I do, do you have any docs on the patch contribution process?

    This is planned for the next release, thanks Jason.

    Willie Jackson, Director of Web Optimization
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