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  • I opened a support ticket about a problem I was having with one of their modules I paid quite a bit of money for. The module claims to support the use of shortcodes within the newsletter and come to find out that nearly zero shortcodes actually work (ALL shortcodes that reference ANY WordPress post will be broken).

    The author wrote back “figure out how to do it yourself”. Completely dismissive, and totally uninterested in lifting a finger for a paying client. Find yourself a different plugin, because as soon as you run into problems, you’ll find out these guys don’t give a darn.

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  • Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Shortcodes are supported when enable on main settings (in free version as well) but not supported in the way you need, as per your ticket, where you explained your needs.

    I suggested to code a custom block, and I understand that could not be the right solution for your needs. So I offered the full refund, as we always do with people which decide to get the premium pack but are not satisfied.

    Support is not a custom development service. Sorry if that was not clear in our site, we’ll update it with a more clear explanation.

    To close: we try to not state things the plugin cannot do and when something is not clear we’re here to clarify (sometime replying to 1 star review, but there is even the WP forum). If a plugin, any plugin, does not implement something needed by someone, it does not mean it’s a bad plugin: a shovel does not work to eat a soup… is it a bad tool?

    I want to give evidence to your tags as well: “bad support, broken plugins, RIPOFF, scam”: to me they do not align with a missing feature.

    Anyway we’ll try to use this review as an opportunity to make our messages even more clear and our support even more effective.

    Thank you, Stefano.

    I have to leap to the devs’ defence here – in what I think is a bit of an unfair review.

    I’ve been using this addon/plugin (paid version) for a fair while now and subscribe to/view all the support topics in case in case I miss the odd tid-bit.

    The responses here, though not always being able to solve a perceived problem or shortcoming, have always been courteous and (I think) helpful.

    I hope I’m not going to be construed as a “fanboi” with no powers of criticism – I’m usually pretty demanding (anal!) of any payware I use. No software is perfect, but I find this Newsletter plugin to be one of the best. Your mileage may vary but, IMHO, this plugin is absolutely *NOT* a ripoff or scam – and I find those tags to be totally unjustified.

    Just my 2c worth …

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    Thread Starter teenhype90210


    You appear to now have become defensive by remotely deactivating the license I paid for across our installs without permission, seemingly breaking both sites we had it on in the process, and deactivating our support account so that we couldn’t update ANY support ticket further.

    @teenhype90210 Same experience also! Very much a ‘take it or leave it’ plugin with no bedside manners from support.

    “adamnz” account also seems to instantly defend them anytime someone is critical looking at his profile. Strange – probably an employee.

    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Hi that was not defensive, nothing will break in your site, even the premium addons already installed continue to work. We take care, for everyone, to not break a blog for such things like an invalidated license or an expired one.

    Your position is clear to us, the pro addons and the support is not what you need so there is no need to keep your money, it would be dishonest by us knowing you cannot use the commercial addons profitably.

    By the way: THIS review service is provided by for free plugins hosted in their servers. This is not the place to review commercial activities/services even if they are extensions of a free plugin. We’re abusing of the space offered, so this is our last reply.

    Thank you for your comprehension and collaboration.


    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    We have no relation with @adamnz and he’s free to write whatever it consider appropriate.

    Any hypothesis about him sounds very inadequate here and in this specific case even provocative. I would like to close this discussion which is more than clear: is it possible?

    Thank you, Stefano.

    The free version of this plugin works well and the author is listening to our requests, which is already very good !
    Anybody complaining for any reason when we are allowed to use such a great plugin is an idiot !

    I can assure readers here that I have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with the Newsletter devs – other than being a [satisfied] customer for their paid plugin.

    The reason I “leap to their defence” is that when people make requests or report bugs I see reasonable efforts from them to sort things out. I’ve had a one or two issues with the plugin myself – and I think one of them (at least) went to PMs and email: all very polite and proper. Ask nicely and you’re more likely to get what you want – especially if your grievance is genuine. Mud-slinging gets you nowhere, IMHO.

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