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  • After changing the media date you copy it to a year/month folder (when the uploads_use_yearmonth_folders option is set). But you assume that the file is in the standard oldyear/oldmonth folder, and it’s not always the case when using a plugin which allows custom folders, for example “Media Library Plus”.

    What I would suggest is checking if the file exists in the standard directory before trying to copy it.

    		$metaolddata = array();
    		$metaolddata = wp_get_attachment_metadata( $key );
    		$new_file = $subdir.'/'.wp_basename($metaolddata['file']);
    		$filename = wp_basename($new_file);
    		$upload_old_path = $upload_dir['basedir'].$subdir_post;
    		$copy_file_org = $upload_old_path.'/'.$filename;
    		if ( $new_subdir && file_exists($copy_file_org) ) {

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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