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  • There a major problem with this plugin, and Internet Explorer 9. The slideshow does not show, but what you do get is a large white area where the large image is supposed to be, and all the thumbnails in one big mess underneath!

    When initially configuring the plugin, some of the more advanced effects did not work in Internet Explorer 7, and 8, so therefore only opted for basic settings. But IE9 does not seem to want to play ball with it at all.

    Has anyone else had any issues with this plugin and IE9.

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  • Hey. I think found the solution. Go to superslide-show configurations, transitions options. Change the value “Kenburns Slideshow pan” to 25. Or other value without comma “,”

    We are having the same issue and changing the Kenburns Slideshow pan to 25 didn’t seem to make a difference. Anyone have any idea what could be causing the problem or a possible solution?



    I think the problem may be that SuperSlider-Show loads Mootools 1.2.3core and Mootools files which are somewhat out of date. 1.2.x started to not work with ie9 and I believe 1.3.x and up does work with ie9.

    This is all speculative – I haven’t actually fixed the problem myself yet. But I found this discussion about a Mootools slideshow:

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