• There is really little to add to the title of this review other than to congratulate the Developer Mr. Jordy Meow.

    As mentioned in the title of this review, the Database Cleaner: Clean, Optimize & Repair for WordPress plugin is really well designed and coded, it also turns out to be very streamlined, lightweight and packed with lots of features and most importantly it works perfectly (mind you, do not confuse the errors that can be caused by an incompatibility with obsolete versions of PHP, because using the updated versions of PHP and supported by this plugin, although I have been using this plugin for a long time, I have not yet encountered any errors in this plugin).

    Basically with Database Cleaner: Clean, Optimize & Repair, this simple but very powerful WordPress plugin allows you to thoroughly analyze all the data in your database and clean it of unnecessary and obsolete data safely and quickly thus making your database lighter, faster, optimized and much more!

    Oh I forgot… it is virtually completely free but there is also a paid Professional version available (optionally) that adds, for those who need it, support for:

    • Enhanced “Used By” for Tables, Post Types and Options: This column will try its best to tell you by which plugin this item is normally used (installed or not).
    • Nyao Sweeper: The cleaning will be done regularly in the background, little by little, without any stress or slowing-down your install.

    To finish I still give my compliments to the Developer Mr. Jordy Meow and I can only recommend you to try it because it is really an Excellent plugin for WordPress and I am very proud to have completely translated it into Italian!

    Greetings and have a nice day.

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