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  • I have consulted Tablepress and have done some experiments using Supercache.

    It seems that there is a big conflict with using tablepress. The cache doesnt seem to get cleared, pagination doesnt work and load times are horrendous causing script error faults in Internet exlorer, Chrome and Opera. Firefox isn’t so bad but some features do not work with the table.

    The table is quite large and usually takes around 10 seconds to load. When SC is switched on this makes the page time out and filters , dropdowns, pagination of the table does not work.

    The table is one table which is generated on several different pages but in various filtered states.

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  • Hi,

    just to clarify: The features do not work because the JS code that loads them is not in the page. The HTML seems to be cut off halfway down the page, so that the JS from the footer is missing. This seems to only happen in the cached version though, so that the cache caches an incomplete page.


    Great ok thankyou. So now back to the original question 🙂
    I did try my other way of sorting the hyperlinked Venue fields but to no avail.

    I tried adding this: VenueName More

    But it has the effect as adding : Venue Name

    It’s actually live at the moment on the All Events page (first two rows)

    The Filter displays the options but as before, no results turn out when selecting that particular venue, so your hidden column solution is required please.


    we should continue the discussion of this question in the other thread at to not “pollute” this, as it’s supposed to deal with the WP-Supercache problem 🙂
    I’ll answer in the other thread 🙂


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