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  • I’ve had this plugin deactivated forever after an incident (in April or so) where something caused my server to overload — after I convinced my hosting company to let me into the backend, we turned off all plugins and I only turned on the ones I actually needed to have on.

    On 10/12, I turned this plugin back on but did not activate it. I didn’t touch any other plugin or make any other changes (not on that day and not in the last 3 months — just had a baby so I haven’t been fussing with the site much).

    On 10/18, my host shut me down again, saying that I caused server overload — 360,000 hits. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a mention in the NYT or anything — I suspect it was just this plugin. Again.

    As of 1 AM I’ve been unsuspended and have gone in and disabled the plugin — and it seems to be working ok thus far… <fingers crossed>

    Anyone else have problems like this? Is it a setting that I screwed up with Super Cache, or should I just find another caching program? (Because I do need one, right?)


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  • Have you been able to look at the access logs? They should quite clearly show where 360,000 hits came from. I don’t think it’s Supercache unless preload caused it and there’s a 1 second delay in between each request. That could not cause your server to be overloaded. The requests are serialized – they happen one after the other, not in parallel.

    I have the same issue. If the plugin is activated the cpu usage goes through the roof.

    Tried the debug log in the plugin? That may shed some light on the issue.

    Hi Donnacha

    I have it sorted. It was another plugin”Thumbs Excerpt” that was causing the problem. When I disabled Super Cache it worked and when I disable Thumbs it worked. The two would not run together. I deleted Thumbs and reinstalled it. That did the trick.


    As for me, I disabled the plugin but got shut down again — after some investigation (the tip to look at my access logs was very helpful, thank you) I decided my blog had just grown too big for shared hosting. (Good problem to have, I guess!) So we moved to a dedicated server last night.

    I’ll report back if any other plugin related problems, but thank you re: access logs and stuff. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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