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  1. Honkytonky
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you so much. It works like a charm and I have currently installed 17 up-to-date plugs at the blog. So far I have only been testing locally though. It seamlessly integrates with user roles, a slight downside was that I could not use my self-defined user roles, I had to switch back to the standards of WP as mine did not show up. This would be an improvement to think about. Nevertheless 4 user roles are enough for my concerns (school web site) and I can easily handle the rights of the standard users of WP with another plugin (user roles) that obviously is stable and very user friendly. As soon as I am in Europe I will donate a beer as here in SA it is really difficult for me to make financial transactions! Go on like that - 5 stars! A widget is in my eyes not really necessary because you have a cool integration in the admin bar rightside which is pretty much standard in todays usability realms (facebook, et cetera). I also love the red "you got mail"-effect - regarding to a school website of course it would be interesting to have something like a query alert that is not a widget but something similar and appearing in the backend when the user logs and has unread/ unanswered but prioritized messages. Only my two cents. Thumbs up also for the multimedia integration. It got everything - worth the download, actually more than that! Last but not least I would suggest to display a mail not in three single boxes but in one container - I find it difficult to understand the concept that you see the recipient, the sender and then the message in a more divided manner - nevertheless this is also respectfully the part of the coder and as he prefers. Hope I did not insult, I meant to be constructive!

  2. Honkytonky
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Seems I have been a little too early about this one, still I love it.
    A bug is: in the mail overview you cannot use any ot the bulk actions. actions are not executed but lead to nothing. moreover a link "answer to all" displayed also leads into a page not found site. I think there are minor faults which could be easily resolved though. Still love the plug and hopefully is is being developed!

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