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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m using the Village theme which comes with SuperBGImage for a full page slideshow on your homepage part of your site.

    The problem I’m having is that the menu sidebar on the left is cutting off the left side of the slideshow on non-wide screen monitors. We’re currently trying to figure out what siezs don’t work, but for certain 1280×1024 (which seems pretty common) scrunches the site enough that it ends up cutting off the left side of these background images.

    So my questions is 1) is there a better practice I can use for sizing these background images so they don’t get cut off on most popular screen sizes?
    2) can anyone point me to how to edit the SuperBGImage CSS code (i know where it’s located, just not the right way to edit it) to MOVE the slideshow over to the right some so that if anything the right side of the images are cut off by the side of the monitor, not the left side being cut off by the menu. Or maybe even resize the slideshow so it takes up less space.


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