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  • TLDR: Why so?

    IMHO, Here are the advantages in general.

    1. FREE as in beer.
    2. Performs better than most plugins, most of the time, BETTER THAN PAID plugins.*
    3. Enormous list of site-boosting features.
    4. Make CHEAP VPS server performs like PRO VPS.
    5. No conflict, works very stable in spite of ENORMOUS pro features.**
    6. Can get 90+ Google Pagespeed rating even your site has a lot of external assets (which I do not have control optimizing that might reduces performance and score).
    6. Once tried, you can forget Apache and even NGINX server.
    7. Can work with other CDNs.***

    * Tried WPRocket, W3TotalCache, WP Super Cache and some others. All losers. If they claim they are no.1 or better, it’s just a propaganda. I mean it.
    ** I enabled 90% of all features, have no problems at it, if there is, maybe you need a Wiley’s book for dummies. You know that.
    *** LSCache + addon + Cloudflares can make a good family (just follow the instructions carefully).

    Maybe disadvantage(s)

    1. If you’re running a VPS with NGINX installed and running, Openlightspeed + NGINX can’t work AFAIK. Note that NGINX comes with performance tuning, so stick with it.
    2. Younger than counterparts (referring to OpenLightSpeed server and not the plugin). Well, there’s a room for improvement on this matter.
    3. Needs LSWS Enterprise if you need a solid performance + security + stability.

    Thats all.

    P.S. Now if you disagree with me or you need some help, you may contact me at admin[at]featuristech[dot]com.

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