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  • Pieter


    New Review (January 13, 2014 – after 3.0.2 release):
    Finally, after 40+ back and forths on the support forum the plugin developer has come to his senses to add a failsafe to the plugin instead of just letting sites fall apart if the main Jetpack plugin has not been installed.

    We will probably always wonder why Samuel decided to change the original plugin from standalone to an extension of Jetpack (which now has to be installed too), but he is the developer of the plugin, so he can do with it what he wants and believes is best. If you don’t like that, then you should develop your own plugin!

    I am a person who didn’t like it and instead of re-inventing the wheel, I have decided to fork Samuel’s version (not depending on Jetpack) to ensure future development: SO Jetpack Stats Only.

    I also have re-adjusted my star rating to two stars: “Works”.

    The comments below my review reflect the change from 5 star to 1 star in the weekend of January 11, 2014

    Adjusted Review (January 11, 2014 – after 3.0 release):

    update to 3.0 crashed my sites, cannot access admin anymore, Fatal Errors all around!

    Downloading the error file points to Jetpack Lite and browsing though the changelog shows that now all of a sudden Jetpack itself should be installed too (!!!)

    You might have added an update notice to make people aware and not just kill sites if they don’t have Jetpack installed. With more than 40K downloads it is your duty to inform your users when you make such dramatic changes to your plugin!

    I though that the whole point of your plugin was not to have Jetpack installed? By now making it an Addon, I am seriously asking myself why I would want your plugin? How do I know what kind of impact Jetpack has on my site?

    Bad practice this is and I therefore have adjusted my previous 5-star rating.

    Original review for WP 3.5.1 and older version of Jetpack Lite:

    great simplified version of Jetpack!

    I only want the Stats and this little gem solves it all!

    Where the original Jetpack is doing_it_wrong(!!!), Jetpack Lite lets you actually activate the module(s) you want, not turning it on by default.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    1.The whole point of my plugin is to reduce Jetpack modules to only have stats and shortlink. And now it’s possible to do without the need of creating a fork.

    2. The upgrade notice is present in 3.0

    3. This text reply to your other statements.

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    And, by the way, thank you very much for wait less than 10 hours (the time before a fix to solve the problem affectin to a few users was available) to give your negative feedback.

    This kind of “support” from you gives me strenght to continue developing this and other plugins for free. </ ironic mode>

    Thread Starter Pieter


    Can you please stop whining about the doing it for free part?

    Nobody told you to release the plugin, nobody forced you to do it free of charge.

    On top of that, as you can see for the record I kept my previous rating text and if you would have come up with a working solution, then I would have easily changed it all back.

    As you have not yet come with a working solution, my 1 star stands as is.

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    Nobody forces you to use the plugin, nobody tell you what you can say or not. So dont tell me what I can say or do.

    Thread Starter Pieter


    @samuel – as you can see I once again adjusted my rating of your plugin to “Works” to reflect the failsafe you added in your version 3.0.2.

    a tiny PS:
    If your current version 3.0.2 would have been the 3.0 release, you could have prevented this shit-storm, but that is water under the bridge I guess…

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