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  1. c12281
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there. I am running multi-site and love it. One drawback. I have a designer who needs to modify the theme of one specific site on my network. I had to set her up as a superadmin to do that. I gave her privileges to only one site (subdomain). However, I noticed that she has access to Sites under the SuperAdmin panel which gives her the ability to delete the other sites (subdomains)! How can I prevent this? Very dangerous... Thank you.

  2. Because that's what a Super Admin has access to do. There is no intermediate level.

    If you have a designer who needs to work on theme files, she can do so locally, then give them to you to put on the server.

  3. c12281
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Actually I would prefer that she do that. We are currently using the Atahualpa theme and we were trying to use the import/export function so she could send the theme to me but it was not working. The folks at Atahualpa think it may be because I am running multisite and she is not. I am very new at this. Can you provide step by step instructions on how she would get that theme to me? Will simplify my life! Thanks you so much.

  4. I meant if she was editing theme files directly. That's the only reasons she should need super admin level on *your* site - to be able to edit theme files from the backend. (if that was all it is, simply zipped up the theme files and emailing them to you woudl work just fine and dandy)

    If Atahualpa has various other theme setting sin an options panel that is not visible to administrators, then they need to fix their theme. Which I have mentioned before.


  5. c12281
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Just to clarify, if I make the change you suggest in the link (just search
    the theme’s functions.php file and change the edit_themes cap to
    edit_themes_option) will she then be able to access Atahualpa theme options
    as an administrator?

    If yes, again I'm new, where exactly would I change this file? Should I
    open the functions.php file in a text editor to make the change and then ftp
    the edited file back to the site?

    In the other instance, if she were to create a template on her end and zip
    and email the theme files to me -- which files would she send? As I
    mentioned, she tried to export from within Atahualpa, but the Import didn't
    work on my end (didn't recognize the file as an ata file for whatever
    reason). I want to make sure that whatever she sends me does not wipe out
    or affect my main site. She is only working on one of the subdomains.

    I am new at this, and appreciate for your patience.


  6. For the first two paragraphs, yes and yes, the theme's functions.php file.

    For the rest: Ignore the theme's import / export feature. If she is changing the *files themselves* - like the css file, then she should zip up those files.

    really, this is not the best theme to be using.

  7. c12281
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I really appreciate your help. I am using Atahualpa becomes of its flexibility. Seems like you can do just about anything you want with the Options. Is there another flexible theme you would recommend? We are going to be designing websites for many different clients, and I want to make sure each site has its own unique look. We are developing actual website as opposed to blogs. Thanks so much for any recommendations you can make.

  8. there are literally hundreds of other non-blog themes out there with options pages that do not use table-based layouts. there's also this:


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